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News Around Old Town Alexandria
Sorry about the lack of updates and blog posts to the site. We're working on overhauling the entire website, and launching a few new ones in the DC area. Hang tight.

That car dealership on King St is closing its doors. [Patch]

Alexandria Councilman is working on updating some of the city's historic, and outdated regulations. [DCist]

The cab driver who shot an Alexandria Police officer has been declared fit to stand trial. [Alexandria Times]

The waterfront hotel keeps on keepin on. [Alexandria Times]

Something that doesnt seem much like news at all in Old Town over the past few years: Another bank robbery. [Alexandria Times]

Who robs a post office? Evidently...someone. [Alexandria News]

Six Alexandria places crack Washingtonian's top 100 best places to eat. [Patch]

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News Around Old Town Alexandria
Government shutdown. Day 1 [Alexandria Times]

Remember Scott Gordon, who was running for school board and city council? Turns out he's the guy who impersonated an FBI agent in an effort to get out of a parking ticket. [Alexandria Times]

More development on Columbus Street. [Alexandria Times]

Police are investigating a robbery that took place at the TD Bank on Van Dorn Street. [Alexandria Times]

The Waterfront Hotel project is coming together. [Alexandria Times]

Are the days numbered for the Old Town Travelodge? [Patch]

Ann Taylor is closing in Alexandria. [Biz Journals]

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News Around Old Town Alexandria
Local businesses are fighting to keep King Street lit up year round. [Alexandria Times]

A noble Alexandria Police officer rescued a dog that was stuck inside a car whose temperature was reaching 170 degrees. [

Welcome to town, Uber. [Alexandria Times]

Waterfront hotel proposal got a bit of a face lift. [Alexandria Times]

Possible evidence of a 19th century slaughterhouse on Cameron Street? What that means for your weekend and more. [Alexandria Times

Hunting Point to remain 'relatively affordable.' [
Alexandria Times]

Aguaviva = Flat Iron. [Alexandria Times]

Ken Cuccinelli will now be blogging on Old Town Alexandria Patch. [

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News Around Old Town Alexandria
A Government contracting executive, and Alexandria resident, was sentenced to 48 months in jail for unauthorized access to a protected computer. [Alexandria News]

The Royal Street bus garage sale. [Alexandria News]

Alexandria turned 264 last week . [Alexandria News]

The cab driver who shot officer Peter Laboy has been declared unfit to stand trial. [Alexandria Times]

The modernization of regulations that preserve historic buildings. [Alexandria Times]

A double shooting on the West End last week. [Alexandria Times]

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News Around Old Town Alexandria
A new law has been passed that targets repeat drunk drivers in the state of Virgina. [Alexandria News]

An Alexandria Taxi driver robbed? [Alexandria News]

Could new management and rising rents force Hunting Point residents out of their building? [Alexandria Times]

A planned market for the new waterfront development [Alexandria Times]

The Huffington Post covered how the proposed hostel has been met with hostility in Old Town. [Huffington Post]

A hookah lounge will be going into the location where Sultan Kabob previously occupied. [WTOP]

DC Curbed looks at 1 bedroom condos for sale in Old Town. [Curbed]

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News Around Old Town Alexandria
Kashif Bashir, the man who shot and nearly killed an Alexandria Police officer, will undergo an evaluation to see if he is mentally fit to stand trial [Alexandria News]

Another bank robbery -- this time at the SunTrust at 3101 Duke. [Alexandria News]

Watch out for this utility scam. [Alexandria News]

Ground was broken on the new Jefferson-Houston school. [Alexandria Times]

If you thought the legal battle over the waterfront was over, you're wrong. [Alexandria Times]

The City Council, on the other hand, has approved a waterfront market concept. [Alexandria Times]

Police have made an arrest in the robbery of TD Bank in Old Town, which occured last week. [Patch]

A Youth Hostel in Old Town? [Patch]

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